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    Gelatin Powder

  • CAS No. :9000-70-8
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Our company is a professional engaged in gelatin and gelatin derivatives of industrial production-oriented enterprises. The company has a number of skilled technical backbone and well-trained professional team, with an annual output of bone gelatin 6000 tons (capsules with gelatin, edible additive gelatin), bone calcium phosphate 20000 tons. Companies registered capital of 95 million yuan, with total assets of about 200 million yuan.

1. The gelatin used for capsules has a lot of perfect properties like gelation, water retention, adhesion and solubility.

 All these properties and its purity enable gelatin to be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry,

 in which the most important products include hard capsule, soft capsule, hemostatic sponge and plasma substitute. 

2. Gelatin, as a thickening agent, is widely used in foods additives, such as: fruit jelly, top-grade candy, yogurt, frozen food, etc.

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